Guide to Online Poker Bonuses and Offers

Playing Poker Online with real money is fun and encouraging, but who doesn’t like freebies? Even the most talented and beckoned poker player won’t hesitate to check out for the best deals and bonuses when possible. Rewards and offers lengthen your play experience and let you keep playing even when you don’t have a bankroll. Here is a comprehensive guide to bonuses and offers available in internet poker sites.

Are Poker Bonuses Real

Poker bonuses come in an extensive range of options. The welcome bonuses act as a way to lure more players into creating accounts with certain internet poker rooms. These bonuses work by doubling your initial deposit amount. Other bonuses help you to play even when you don’t have a bankroll. To unlock your rewards, you have to play real-money poker hands or tournaments.

Common Poker Bonuses You Should Know

After you sign up with your favorite internet-based casino, here are some bonuses you can take advantage of.

  • Welcome bonus—this bonus is earned when a client creates an account with a poker site. You may receive it right away or have to make an initial deposit to get the bonus.
  • The no-deposit poker bonus-this bonus comes as an appreciation for creating an account with certain poker sites. Different poker sites provide different no deposit bonuses among which include free casino spins, freeroll tournament tickets, and free Sportsbook bets.
  • Exclusive Poker Bonuses—these bonuses are made to appreciate professionalism and loyalty. They are paid out to the accounts of top poker players who place the highest real-money bets and frequently.

How Can I Unlock My Bonuses?

Almost all the bonuses offered by online poker sites need unlocking. Even the free no-deposit bonuses require you place a bet to earn real money, which is then deposited to your account as withdrawable cash. Other bonuses like the welcome bonus need you to deposit an amount equal or higher than the provided bonus to unlock it. As for other bonuses, you must play real-money tournaments or cash game hands to open them.

Poker gurus claim that the easiest way to unlock the welcome bonus is through placing bets on fast-fold poker cash games. They advise you to avoid playing big tournaments and MTTs as they are not only time-consuming but also risky. Follow the terms and conditions when unlocking certain bonuses to avoid voiding them.


Online poker sites take certain percentages of the real cash you place bets on tournaments and hands. The money they collect from your bets is what they use to stay in operation and give out as bonuses. There are so many types of poker bonuses as outlined above the most common ones being the welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus, and exclusive bonuses. All poker bonuses require unlocking,thus learn the basics to do it accurately and safely to avoid making mistakes.