Poker is one of the most beloved casino games worldwide. There are hundreds of land-based casinos offering various Poker variations. There are also thousands of online casinos, like W88Live, with Poker and other games. Chinese Poker, one of the most popular versions of Poker, has taken the Poker World by storm. More and more players are becoming interested in Chinese Poker. This game itself has plenty of variations for different kinds of players. It can be confusing especially for beginners but it is very fun. If you want to try the different variations of Chinese Poker, here are some you can start with.

2-7 Chinese Poker

In basic Chinese Poker, you place your second-strongest hand in the middle. In this version, you place the worst possible Poker hand in the middle. This version offers more strategies that make the game even more fun. You have a lot of information about your opponent's hands since you have 13 cards. Some players prefer to throw five leftovers and give up the 2-7 hand. 2-7 Chinese Poker makes it much easier to play a powerful hand up top compared to other versions. Trips are quite common because the three-card hand only has to beat the bottom hand. The rest you can throw in the 2-7 hand.

Double Deck Chinese Poker

Only four or fewer players can play traditional Chinese Poker. Adding a deck of cards lets more players enjoy the game. With two decks of cards, up to eight people can play the game. This version adds some interesting elements to the game. You can even end up with five-of-a-kind or more. A flush with two aces is also possible. It can be a lot of fun although it takes time to score every round.


Both players receive 19 cards and the rest of the cards in the stub are crucial. There will be up to two boards. 19-19 has a similar game framework with 2-7 Chinese Poker. It has a five-card high hand, a five-card 2-7 low hand, and a three-card high hand. You arrange the six remaining cards into an Omaha hand and a Hold'em hand. The Chinese Poker hands are first scored before the dealer puts the board. The Omaha hands are then scored. The dealer places another board if the players tied with 2-2. The Hold'em hand breaks the tie.

The Poker variation that best suits you depends on your preferences and style. Try out various kinds to see which works for you best.