Why are there more people playing slot machines than table games?

Random number generator here. This has been here since the 1980s when casinos noticed that buyers play slot machines more than board games. The device is a computer chip present in all casino games in the world, including slots, video poker, and video keno. This chip allows the device to continuously move in a random number at a speed of a thousand per second. They are compared with specific results.

Slot players situation

If you play niche games, your favorite time machine may have eaten the last $ 20. You feel disappointed, turn to the expecting visitor, and say, "Do not pay attention to the game. It doesn't hit." However, the sponsor began to play. Go away; you can not resist the last look at the screen and there! Jackpot! With flashing lights, music plays and the screen graphics are fierce. Lucky players can see that the credit limit reaches $ 1,000! "I have to win," you complain, "If I play once again!"

The bad news is that you have lost $ 20. The good news is that you won't get any prizes. And here's why: in extra time, you need to get up, and other visitors sit down, insert money and spin millions of numbers that you can combine to get different results.


The numbers generated by the chip are not random. Computers can be fast, but not smart. Industry calls this random pseudo. Pseudo means false, and casual implies the absence of a specific pattern. The process is to get the seeds. (Start) and algorithms (Mathematical formulas) seeds are continually changing

Car dangles

Free and harsh conditions apply to a certain percentage of payback made at the factory at the request of the casino at goldenslot https www gslot100 com. They can vary from 85% to 98% depending on the requirements of the jurisdiction, which is the percentage of money returned to players over the long term.

Contrary to the opinion of many players, casinos cannot change the payback percentage. Strict jurisdiction laws also prohibit you. If you find a machine with a 98% return, you will receive a 98% return every hour, every day, no matter where it is, until the casino gets rid of it.

Trick game

The most popular penny machines offer the lowest profitability - around 85%, so 15% rates with an advantage of a home of 3 dollars or the highest 4 dollars on these machines will return players less time than more expensive cars, such as dollars that can return up to 98%, even if the penny has an exciting bonus function But think about a game with higher denominations, such as dollars, which can return more players over time.

Here is another trick. If you see a car bank with one symbol that provides a 98% return, not all cars in this bank will return 98%, perhaps only one or two of the twelve banks.