Sa game: A metaphor for life

สูตรบาคาร่า sa gaming ฟรี is a game that involves the use of cards and is played by putting a certain amount of money at stake if the player feels that the group of cards he has or his hand is of significance compared to the cards other players might have.

It attracts the mass population as it is a game that initially requires no skills and is a game of mere luck. Although, as the purpose changes from having fun to earning money or making it a career, the players develop certain skills that make them stand out from most players on the table.

We all know a basic idea of what it is but what we do not generally notice is its striking resemblance with human life.

The Resemblance of playing Sa game online:

  1. Players often make uninformed decisions while playing this game and these decisions have both affirmative and pessimistic consequences. They may lose all the money they had put on the stake or earn a lump sum. This is what happens in life we often make uninformed decisions, which leads to mixed results.

  2. Players are of three types:-
    • A winner is the one who stands out and with his skills andluck outranks everyone. Luck can help him win once or twice but consistency comes with skills. Similarly, everyone is a part of the game of life but not everyone thrives in it. The lion rules not the sheep in a herd.
    • A player, who did wager his money but either gained an insignificant amount or lost negligible amount, can be compared to the person who chose to be in a herd. He lived his life indeed but did not do something astonishing to be remembered.
  • A loser is the one who gambled but lost all he had invested. He may have lost because of a lack of skills, because he made some decisions he shouldn’t have or because luck wasn’t on his side. A person who took his life for granted and chose not to do anything has not lost money but lost the only life he had. These unfortunate events may also take place because of his ill-fortune.

The game gives us ample opportunities to win. Similarly, life gives us opportunities to either be remembered when we depart this earth or be forgotten before we even breathe our last.