Japanese Culture: Things Japanese Are Passionate About

Pop culture often feeds the audience with misconceptions. Because of TV shows and movies, people think the Japanese have an obsession with Sumo and cameras. Truth is, these are not what the Japanese are passionate about. What are the real Japanese national passions?


People in Japan value aesthetics so much. It is the philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty and taste. The Japanese have arts such as Ikebana, Bonsai, Calligraphy, and Tea Ceremony. These focus on the pursuit of a simple and beautiful aesthetic. The world knows the Japanese for their aesthetic sense.


Pachinko is like an elaborate pinball machine with a lot of small balls. To play, you need to buy buckets of balls. You may win or lose balls as the game proceeds. You can exchange the balls in Pachinko parlors for stuffed toys and nominal prizes. People claim that there is a small shop outside the Pachinko parlors. This is where you can exchange the balls for cash. Most Pachinko parlors are under various organized crime groups. The Pachinko industry is bigger than the Japanese auto industry. About one out of four Japanese people plays Pachinko. This is why a lot of Japanese people are into PKV Games.


Japanese people love karaoke. There are Karaoke establishments almost anywhere in the country. Japanese pubs are not pubs at all. They are places for older guys to sing Japanese folk songs. Some families even have their own karaoke set at home. Most businesses in the country have a karaoke section in one corner.


You can find Japanese tourists in almost every corner of the world. The Japanese not only travel to international destinations but flock even local tourist spots. Hotels in Japan often cater to the domestic market rather than international guests. That is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find an English-speaking staff in their hotels.


There can be no arguments, Japan is one of the most highly-urbanized countries in the world. The Japanese are passionate about cleanliness and avoiding germs. You can see Japanese people wearing masks in public even when there is no pandemic. They wear masks to avoid getting a cold or flu or to avoid airborne allergens. One out of ten people in Japan has an allergy. They also wear masks when infected with a cold or flu. Most companies and schools mandate their staff and students to wear masks when sick.


Manga are like Western comics and are very popular all around Japan. No matter the age and gender, the Japanese love manga. There is a manga for everyone and they are not ashamed of their manga addiction. Even respectable looking businessmen read them on the train as they go to work.

If you go to Japan, you must try going to an onsen. It is a Japanese hot spring bath featuring geothermally-heated spring water. It is one of the most popular things in Japan.