UV contact lenses

How invisible ink contact lenses helpful for gamblers?

Most of the people are diehard fans of poker game and the eagerness in winning makes the people to try something new. However, tracking on gameplay like poker is not possible for all of them even if they are experts they can end up in failure. In such case, you can believe a contact lens and it can show the cards and make it possible to see the card suits and its value. Is it shocking to hear? But it is possible with invisible ink contact lenses which are usually used by magicians to perform their magic show. Need to know how this works? Check to below-mentioned points.

  • The infrared lenses are 13mm made using press machines where they are embodied with a red filter to get UV vision.
  • Using this UV mission you can able to see the wavelengths which are not visible to the normal human eye.
  • If the markings are so light which cannot be visible to human then these UV vision portrays the markings as the dark one.

The invisible ink contact lens is known as poker cheating contact lenses, as it is widely used by many players to check the marking on the cards and to make a suit. However, people using UV poker contact lenses worried about the color which might make them caught easily. So often they look for something like a transparent UV contact lens which do not exists. Even though the UV invisible ink contact lenses are illuminated with luminous ink they are lighter and effective enough. Whatever may be the tech updates each do have some limitations the same way using the UV contact lens do have some limitations like time duration which is about 8 hours, if you wear contact lenses more than that it may risk your eyes.

UV contact lenses

Whether DIY - UV contact lenses can be made?

By knowing the features of UV contact lenses some people would search whether it is possible to make DIY contact lenses at home. But it is not advisable to do so as it involves high rates of risk factors. Moreover, the infrared marked cards contact lenses are made with advanced technology in a sophisticated way where they are illuminated with the high-pressure press to have a bend. The lenses have 3 layers with a thickness of 0.06mm where the layer illuminated with infrared ink filter be as interlayer that enables you to have UV vision.

All these processes are not possible to do at home. So the better way is to reach out to online shopping where you can find fine made infrared marked cards contact lenses. Even though they are expensive they ensure the safety of your eyes. However, if you are new to use these contact lenses make sure to take safety protocols such as cleaning the contact lens with infrared contact lens cleaning kit and use them only for a limited time.