Dice games are widespread in Asia, but not so in the West. These are games that use a die or dice as the central component. Dice games vary in nature and reflect the cultural differences of Asians. Different regions in Asia have various dice games that have no similarities at all. Experience is the only way to understand how enriching and enlightening it can be. It can be confusing and give a different feeling for a Westerner. Most people prefer to try online before they play the real game. Sites, like w88 line, offer different Asian games you can try.


A Pleasant Journey to Neko

Neko is a harbor in the Antarctic. A Pleasant Journey to Neko, a dice strategy game, is a game for two to four players. The goal of the players is to reach Neko and see the penguins there. Some mini-games provide a dynamic experience. It is not an easy game, but once you catch the basics, it is easy to follow the rules and concepts of the game. You can encounter more than five game play mechanics in this game. The game involves a resource management system and a logistics process, and it also has a bidding stage. Three dice connect all these. Over a hundred combinations of cards make each game different and enticing.

One and Six

This Chinese dice game is a means to socialize and have fun with friends and relatives. At least two players can play this game with two cups and ten dice. It is a laid back game that does not need a strategy. Players rely on luck and skill to win this game. The simplicity of this game attracts people who want a subtle environment.

Liar's Dice

The popularity of this game kept on increasing over the years. A lot of people play this every Chinese New Year. At least two players can compete in this game. The more players who play the game, the more fun it is. Each number on the dice has a given value. Each player receives a cup referred to as the pool. One has to get the best points to win the game. You need bluffing skills and wit to stay on top of this game. It is a good game that can give you an adrenaline rush, not knowing what will happen next.

Emerging as the winner is the best feeling anyone can have when playing any game. Trying out the games above in w88 ios or Android can give you a satisfying experience no matter what the end of the game turns out to be.