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Sports Bettingsets out to be a well-crafted version of Gambling, where people get to put a wager on the unpredictable sports games and take risks. From Poker to Cricket, betting can easily be traced out in any game. However, it often ends up ugly with the bettors getting addicted enough to take risks on their dignity, virtue, and sometimes, live too.

In contrast, after having watched several movies like Casino(1995), Eight Men Out(1998), and Jannat(2008), which were well-received by the audience for their glamorous depiction of 188bet Casino, Sports enthusiasts, and bookies that one can not keep himself from getting more insights on the topic.

Immoral or Illegal, or Both?

Until now, Sports betting was neither legal nor illegal in a country like India and is mostly done on cricket matches.

Even after being accepted and enjoyed by many, why it is considered to be ‘immoral’ rather than just ‘illegal’ in India is because of the following reasons:

  • Many times, the most adored game like Cricket, has become a victim of match-fixing by its players.
  • Many sports celebrities having huge fan-base have been seen losing everything due to the allegations later found to be accurate, leaving their followers with hate and trust-loss.
  • The betting being an illegal investment (not licensed) in sports, many bettors have gone insolvent due to their inability to pay the debts and couldn’t even claim any recovery amount.
  • Minors and people with low income, having inadequate knowledge, get easily fascinated with the glittery world, but it's soon when they get stuck due to sports fraud, and then, there's nowhere to go.

Now, imagine your friend comes to you and says, "I want to be a Sports Bettor."

You can already hear what would come out of your mouth after this.

But reading further might change your response for good!

Recently in India, it is being viewed as a game of skills now, which is legal in India. Also, for the cricket lovers, the campaign ‘Dimaag se dhoni’ was launched by Dream11 to promote the same. As can be seen, ‘Sports Betting’ on www e fun88 com has a broad scope in the coming years, if modulated in such a way that would help in generating the revenues in the economy. Because when you can't fight them, you join them. Hence, the future seems bright for people who can dare to make risky bets.