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Online Gaming Regulators And Licensing Bodies: A Brief Glimpse

There was a prohibition on gambling in South Korea before 1967. The lifting of the prohibition let Incheon Olympos Hotel Casino open that year. It was great news for foreigners who wanted to play casino games in South Korea. Citizens of South Korea cannot play though. More and more casinos popped out but they are all for foreign players only. In 2000, the very first casino that caters to South Koreans opened. The Kangwon Land Casino is still the only one that accepts South Korean players until now.

Since they are not allowed to enter most casinos, South Koreans make do with online casinos. South Korea has a strict law when it comes to gambling and internet gambling. Companies operating in South Korea cannot provide service to its locals. If they do, they are looking at life sentences. Players will pay a large fine or can get arrested. But, there is a safe way for South Koreans to play online casinos. They can play at those licensed by world-recognized regulatory bodies. There are a lot of those you could choose from. With so many options, how do you pick the best 메이저 사이트 추천 among them?

One of the first things you should check is the license of the online casino. It should have a license from one of the reputable gambling authorities.

North America

In North America, they have the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Canada offers four types of licenses. The most popular is the Interactive Gaming License. The other three are Client Provider Authorization, Interjurisdictional Authorization, and Key Person Permit.


The UK Gambling Commission establishes license procedures in Europe. The best online casinos hold licenses by this powerful regulator. They have a strict set of rules and regulations in governing the online casinos. The Gibraltar Licensing Authority issues licenses to regulated gaming firms. It has strict rules and a serious code of conduct. Malta Gaming Authority presents an array of benefits to operators and to players. A lot of online casinos prefer it as a remote gaming regulator. They offer four different options for licensing. These include remote gaming, remote betting, and abet remote gaming. The last one is to host and manage remote gaming operators. Their rules ensure a secure, fair, and fun atmosphere for customers.

One of the most crucial gambling locations in the world is France. The country established ARJEL to protect people from illegal gambling. ARJEL stands for Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne. It gives license to the legal industry. It has higher taxation but it protects participants against a lot of issues. The Spanish Gaming Commission is a new online gambling regulator that protects players. It only offers licensing to those who fulfill the requirements. Both France's ARJEL and this commission are notorious for their expensive tax.

Online Sports Betting

The Caribbean

Curacao Internet Gambling Association offers different sorts of licenses. These cover the gambling industries and the software developers. It has a favourable tax and a rapid procedure. The simplicity of its gambling laws is one of its main advantages. It is easy to get a license from Curacao.


ACT Gambling and Racing Commission started in 2004. It regulates gambling activities in Australia. These include lotteries, betting, racing, and gaming machines. It also approves gaming and racing activities. It even researches and solves the problems and the social effects of gambling. The ACT reviews legislation and strategies relating to gambling. Not only that, it also provides education services for a better gambling environment.


The Philippines' preferred regulator is First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. It prevents any issues related to gambling. It also controls all gambling industries. Known to have a positive reputation, it works with a lot of online gambling companies. Examples are bingo, online casino games, Sportsbook, and sports betting. Also included are lotteries, fixed odds, and betting exchange.


China has an enormous gambling market so there are many online casinos in the country. China Sports Lottery and The China Welfare Lottery have strict rules. The existence of these regulators let players try their luck without any fears.

Customers now trust online casinos with proper licenses. It is vital to choose those controlled by one or more of the above regulators. It ensures the safety and satisfaction of all players.