All Winning Hands In Poker

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It is vital when you are a beginner at poker that you learn the winning hands and their order inside and out. Heck even if you have played for a while you need to brush up. Whether you’re doing one or the other we have helpfully written up each hand in order of power and what you need to be looking out for on the table. Remember if you are looking for your first or a new online poker site then our betting partners are your best bet! (Pardon the pun). Sign up now and you will receive some nice bonuses that will make your poker that much more enjoyable.

Royal Flush

This is a hand that contains a sequence of cards all of the same suit. As the name suggests the straight has to include all the royal cards including the ace. Some forms of poker allow for wildcards, often jokers, This way you can get five of a kind using a joke which would rank above this.

Straight Flush

Much like the Royal Flush, the Straight Flush is when you have a sequence of cards in descending order from the same suit. There are 40 potential different straight flush combinations. You rank straight flushes by the highest card in the sequence. So if someone else has one, the flush with the highest card would be the winner.

Four of a Kind

Four of a kind is obtaining four cards of the same value, for example, Jacks, while the fifth card can be a waste. There are 624 possibilities for four of a kind making it less powerful than a straight flush. It is the second strongest hand one can have in poker.

Full House

Full House or Full Hand is a combination hand of three cards of one kind and two cards of another. Depending on which card is in the triplet you would say that number over the other. For instance, Three 3’s and two 7’s would be Full House threes over sevens. There are 3,744 possible instances of a full house. It is more powerful than a flush but sits below a straight flush and four of a kind.


A flush is a hand utilising all five finishing cards. A flush is achieved when all cards are part of the same suit regardless of the value of the sequence. It ranks below a full house but over a standard straight. There are 5,108 possibilities in a standard pack of 52 to end up with a flush.


A straight is a sequence of cards in a line ranked on their value. The suit has no correlation here. The higher the last card denotes the power of the hand at the end if it needs to be compared to another straight. With 10,200 possibilities it may sound like it is hard to get but mathematically it is placed below a flush. A straight which is topped by an Ace is known as a ‘broadway straight’.

Three of a Kind

Three of a kind does exactly what it says on a tin. Regardless of the other two cards, you have three of a kind if three of your final hand have a matching value. Of course, in the case of a tie then the two spare cards are used as a ranking factor, with aces playing high. There are 54,912 possible hands that include a three of a kind.

Two Pair

A two pair is when your hand contains two pairs of the same value. In the case of two players both ending up with this hand then the other card is used as a ranker. Otherwise the pairs themselves have a value that should separate them. For example, a pair of 8’s is more powerful than a pair of 5’s. For the boffins among you, there are 122,552 chances of getting a two pair in a hand of poker.

One Pair

Like two pair, one pair is a pair of the same value. It is the first of available winning hands by combining certain cards. Depending on the value of the pair the player will win if the other player has nothing or only a high valued card on its own. This is a millionaire’s hand because there are over a million chances of getting it. This is a low-value end hand and sits only about a high carded hand.

High Card

This is the most basic of hands in poker and is basically any combination of five cards that have not formed any winning hands. In that case, a single card from the hand with the highest value will win the hand. This is quite rare to win a hand this way and is most likely to be seen at a low-level game. The odds of this are quite exponential as you can guess. To be exact there are 1,302,542 combinations of hands with a high card. This is the base of the ranking system in Texas Hold’em.

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