How To Play Poker

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Poker is one of the most popular games, not only in gambling, but in the world. People are attracted to the combination of pure luck that betting is known for and the skill and brainpower you might require for chess. The best poker players in the world have a combination of the two. You win at poker in luck if your hand is simply better, if you manage to play a psychological battle with your opponents and bluff them into folding or betting more, or if you are super powered by calculating the odds and chances of your hand winning based on the cards that have been drawn and what you have in your hands.

Many people would like to get into poker. It is easy to see why. Many of the best players are millionaires and enjoy a lifestyle full of travel, casinos and women. If you are looking to get started then we offer amazing offers and deals from online poker websites. We also have collected a nice little idiot guide, so that once you have signed up and got an account you can dive right in and start your future career as a professional poker player!


How To Play Texas Holdem

The most common and prevalent kind of poker game is Texas No Limit Hold’em. While there are more to discover this is your bread and butter and the majority of games and poker tournaments will be playing this game. This is the type of poker we are going to explain to you today.

The main difference between Texas Hold’em and other forms are that each player is dealt two cards. These are the weapons at your disposal and with which all your money will be made. The basic aim of the game is to be the last player standing with a collection of five cards that are the most powerful. To get to the point where you reveal the combination you can create you have to go through rounds of betting and bluffing.

It does not always go through many rounds. Players can withdraw from a hand at any time, or they could put all their chips before all cards are revealed thus forcing everyone to either back out or match the bet. Thus, jumping right to the revealing hands part.


Get To Know The Winning Hands

The first thing you need to equip yourself is an encyclopaedic knowledge of the possible winning hands. We take an in-depth look at these and their rankings in another article. You can take a look at that after this, but for now, we are just going to reveal the hands’ names and which order they go in in terms of power. In descending order of power, these are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Three of a kind, Two-pair, Pair and High Card.

Make sure you learn these and their order inside and out. The quicker you can recognise them appearing on the table the faster you can plan your attack. Quiz yourself, repeat it 100 times, do whatever it takes.


What Is A Blind?

First things first you will probably need to understand the big and small blinds. These are mandatory bets that each player takes a turn putting up to make sure there is always something in the pot to play for. Otherwise, any hands that the players don’t like will simply go to waste. They are called blinds because you have to pay in before seeing your cards. Don’t worry though, everyone takes their turn at paying them and they are usually only a small amount of a pot by the end.

How Poker Is Played

Texas Hold’em uses a standard 52 card deck. Each player is dealt two cards and has the opportunity to fold straight away just from the first response. If everyone remains then the player immediately o the dealers left (who also has a hand btw) has first option to place a bet in the middle of the table. This place is known as the pot. They don’t have to bet, however. If they think they can get away with it then they will ‘check’ which means they don’t want to bet. Then one by one each player will either agree, fold or raise a bet.

If the first player decides to place a bet in the pot, however, each person has a chance to match it, known as calling, or raising the stakes. (They can also fold and give up the hand).

After the first round is done and all betting is settled the dealer will reveal three cards on the table. Then another round of bidding takes place. This is where the art of deception plays such a vital part. The way a player bets might indicate what they might have in their hand or how confident they are.

After the second round, another card is revealed along with another round of betting. By this point, you should be getting some idea of what hand you will end up. Don’t decide too soon though because poker can go right to the last card before a winning hand is revealed.

The third round of betting is followed by the final card and those of the players who are left must now make their final decision whether they wish to remain in the game. They can raise the bets if confident or try to check if they think it is a bad hand. Don’t forget any move you make in poker is watched and analysed by the other players. They can exploit these decisions.


Where To Start?

Now you know how it all works then you need to learn by doing. Sign up for an account on an online poker site and start small. Just get used to the functions of the game with small blinds and pots. This way any earlier failure will cost your account minimal amounts.

Online poker sites make everything so easy. The dealer is automated and the site will even post the blinds for you so you don’t have to remember every time. It also provides you and your cards with plenty of anonymity. Any cheaters who try to view your cards can’t do so online. You will get confused, to begin with, everyone does. What is important is to stick with it and make sure you are improving every step you take.

Online poker sites offer plenty of extra reading material and helping hands for those who still have questions. You can even play hands with no money involved so you can get to understand the format inside and out. It is important to note that without money riding on a game then the major element of poker is revealed. It is the risk that sharpens your skills and gets your blood going.


Poker Conclusion

Poker is a fantastic full of many more intricacies than we can possibly mention in one article. Perhaps we will do more. But for now, just make sure you know the basics and pick up one of our betting partners with an online poker section. We use them ourselves to get our kick so we know that they offer all you could need to start playing. Afterall, we were all beginners once.

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