10 Best Poker Players Ever

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When we all start we have big dreams. They are usually quickly brought down to earth. For the lucky few they are able to make it pro. For the even luckier few they go on to attain legendary status and healthy bank accounts. These are the players you should be looking up to when it comes to your poker lifestyle. It has to start somewhere and who knows, through our betting partners sites you just might start on a journey that ends on a list just like this.


10. Patrick Antonius

Patrick Antonius is a poker player who has been living many peoples dreams for years now. He is often compared to the great Phil Ivey. While not the most talented his sheer grit and determination plus relentless playing has seen him a millionaire both in real live poker games and online tournaments.


9. Jennifer Harman

The only woman to make the list, but this has nothing to do with her sex. She has balls of steel and more cajones than most men in poker. She has been dominating for over a decade and considering she started in her early 20’s there are plenty more years of seeing her at the table left. She plays high stakes poker more regularly than some of her colleagues made sure that her skills are still finely tuned and never waning. It is probably not a stretch to say that Jennifer Harman is one of the best female poker players ever. Betting Tip Stars do hold a special place in our hearts for Victoria Coren though.


8. Stu Ungar

One of the veterans on the list Stu Ungar dominated tables in the 1970’s. His nickname as idiot savant seems a bit harsh but Stu was just as likely to lose a lot of money as to make it. His most redeeming quality, boredom, is perhaps what cost him so many games but it certainly garnered him plenty of fans. He is easily a poker icon and his face is etched into the mind of many of his rivals.


7. Tom Dwan

One adjective that comes to mind with Tom Dwan is aggressive. While many of your mates might be known as an aggressive poker player Tom Dwan does it all with smarts they could only ever dream of.  He is one of the new generation who started his career online before making the move onto the tables. His young age will mean he has plenty of time to climb this list. He will also be climbing the poker money tree with millions under his belt already.


6. Barry Greenstein

Greenstein has dominated both private tables and tournaments alike. He would almost certainly make short work of you so make sure you’re never in the same room as this poker machine. Many underestimate the skills of Greenstein who has a rather unassuming presence. But underestimate him at your peril. Poker players show lots of respect for Greenstein when he is at the table and he has been seen as one of the great all-rounders. You can’t pigeonhole him very well, but his bank accounts show that it is working.


5. Johnny Chan

Chan’s nickname of the Orient Express is apt as the player who was most prominent in the 80’s and 90’s, would run over his opponents like a runaway train. His aggression at the table is one of the fans favourites to witness by fans. That is why he has drawn in so many spectators into poker who wouldn’t usually watch. Johnny Chan can be seen as the catalyst for the poker boom that has seen live events watched by thousands both in the room and on TV.


4. Johnny Moss

Johnny Moss is a legend of the game of poker. His name is etched in many annuls of the game. Even though many claim his skills were second to none he was part of the era of poker which struggled with its legal status. This means that most of Moss’ greatest exploits at the table are probably only known through word of mouth. There is no doubt in our mind that if he was in his prime in the modern era he would have been a scarily dominant force.


3. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is one of the most iconic poker players of all time. He earned this title through years of dishing out hurt and raking in the winnings. For the last 10 years, he has been a mainstay at live tables and online tournaments. Many view Ivey as their inspiration in becoming professional and he is the poster child for what is possible when you make it from the amateur ranks and into the pros.


2. Doyle Brunson

If it is longevity we are comparing then it would be hard to beat Doyle Brunson. He has been winning at poker tables for the last 50 years. He is not only an icon of professionals but the game as a whole. Brunson lived and breathed poker day and night. It is the only explanation why he is such a powerful name in poker circles. It would have taken a lot to knock him off the top spot but we think there is one other who truly can lay claim to the greatest ever.


1. Chip Reese

Even the man’s name fits into his profession. Chip Reece is the most famous poker player of all time. His legend has been born out of the thing all poker players want, winning. Reese has made millions playing poker both in live professional matchups and in private and online. Most players are envious of his bank account and he is viewed as the golden goose of poker. When a game is all about money it is no surprise that the most successful would top the list of the greatest ever. Not only for his numbers though, Reece was revered and respected by everyone in the game. You would be hard pushed to find a negative word against the man. After his passing poker lost a great name and it hasn’t come up with another to take his place yet. We hope it stays like that because Chip Reese is a true inspiration to us at Betting Tip Stars.

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