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The roulette wheel is one of the most iconic images of a casino. Even those who don’t bet at all will recognise the spinning numbers and colours. The name roulette is French for ‘little wheel’. It is usually controlled by a croupier in a casino. But with the advent of the internet, it has made its way onto online casinos. There are diverse ways of playing. You can use a computer generated system or even watch a live roulette wheel if you don’t trust that. It is important to get a reliable online casino and the casinos we recommend are not only trustworthy but offer the best experiences when it comes to online roulette.



The game Roulette unsurprisingly started in France. The first occasion it was recorded as being played in 1796 in Paris. It is thought that the game is a fusion of an English game called Roly Poly and an Italian game called Biribi.

It was the 19th Century when the roulette took over casinos as the most popular game. It spread into Europe and also the USA with the influx of immigrants. Francois and Louis Blanc are cited as the inventors of the modern form of the game. They introduced it all over Europe but when the governments started clamping down on gambling they moved to Monaco. Their ideas and the roulette wheel seemingly started the whole concept of Monte Carlo as a gamblers paradise.

There is a legend that says Francois Blanc bargained with the devil to gain knowledge about the roulette wheel. One of the creepy reasons for this rumour is that all the numbers on the table add up to 666. The number of the devil.

While popular casinos and gambling were still viewed as vices and underground hobbies of shady people. It wasn’t until the 1970’s and the rise of Las Vegas where casinos came into the mainstream. America developed its own version of the roulette wheel, the biggest difference being the use of double zeros instead of the European standard of one.


How It Works

The concept of the roulette game is to provide bettors with a completely trusted way of getting randomised results and therefore large results.

Roulette is named after the wheel on the table. This wheel contains a number from 0-36. Each of them is coloured alternately red and black. The zero is green. This simple combination of numbers and colours creates a huge number of different ‘markets’ to bet on.

The table in a roulette game is simply a place to visualise a bet. It is designed with all the options of the wheel that you can bet on. You simply place the chips on a certain part of the board to denote what bet you want. There are boxes for each individual number as well as colours.

The lines that divide the numbers on the table are also used as a way of placing bets. If you place your chips on a line dividing two numbers for instance when you are placing a bet on both those numbers coming up on the wheel.

The way the wheel works is it being spun in a clockwise spin. The croupier will then send a small ball in the opposite direction when the wheel and ball slow, the ball will land on a compartment broken up into the numbers and colours. This is the result of a spin and is what determines how the bets go.



          Placing a bet on a single number gives you the longest odds and least opportunity to win. You are better off breaking the lines and increasing your odds.

          If you are just starting out, begin on red or black and evens and odds. This will give you an understanding of how the game works and also an understanding of the odds. At 50/50 you will make some early gains too.

          Make sure you are playing with a reputable casino as roulette comes with a bad reputation for manipulation. Our online casino partner is tried and tested by us at Betting Tip Stars.

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