10 Best Casinos In The World

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Before the advent of the internet, Casinos were only found on the street. Ranging from basic converted houses to grand buildings that some governments would be jealous of. Casinos come in all shapes and sizes and while for comfort and accessibility getting into online casinos is a logical decision there is still a place in the world for those fancy casinos of yesteryear. Whether they conjure images of James Bond and espionage, or just simply a place for human vice, like in Las Vegas, casinos are exciting places. Betting in casinos has global appeal so you will find incredible casinos in every corner. We have collated the best 10 casinos into this easily digestible list. Check it out!

10. The Venetian Macao

This little slice of Italy can be found on the famous island of Macau, off the coast of Southern China. Venice is one of the most picturesque places on the planet and was also famous for its parties. Where better to them a casino on. The Venetian has some of the best views in Macau and its guests will enjoy it first-hand. The Venetian Casino is also a hotel with hundreds of luxury rooms for its players and tourists alike. You don’t have to be a guest to appreciate the building though. They light It up at night making it quite a sight from the outside.


9. Foxwoods Resort Casino

This casino sits in the state of Connecticut and serves the great residents of New York. It enjoys a unique juxtaposition with a huge casino building and the greenery that surrounds it. The stats for the casino are impressive. The gaming space is 4.7million square foot. This includes more than 380 gaming tables and over 6,300 machines! That is some serious variety on where to try your luck. Foxwoods may sound like an accountants firm, but it sits on an Indian reservation, run by the local tribe.


8. MGM Grand Casino

One of the biggest names in gambling. This iconic building is in the capital of casinos Las Vegas. The casino is part of a hotel that can boast being the third biggest in the world. The casino itself is the biggest in Sin City, which is some achievement. There are 171,000 square feet of gaming space, chock full of tourists and locals. Las Vegas is arguably the most famous place on the planet to visit a casino and the MGM Grand is the biggest of them all. If size matters to you then visit this one!


7. Bellagio Las Vegas

One of the most famous names in casinos, the Bellagio has more than just gaming tables and machines to sell the brand. It is home to the worlds most famous fountain. This huge water feature has incredible shows and water acrobatics that go on 24/7. The hotel’s notoriety in Sin City has seen it featured in some of the biggest films set in Las Vegas. It features in both The Hangover and Oceans 11. The most famous feature for serious bettors is The Office which is a nickname for a serious of poker rooms famous among its clientele.

6. Venetian Resort and Casino Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its outlandish theming and the Venetian Resort takes it to the next level. The casino and hotel even boasts its very own canal which guests can ride. The significant difference between being in Italy over America is accessibility to the bigger is better culture. In the Venetians case, it is over 4000 rooms in a luxury hotel and huge casino facilities.


5. Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Every room in The Rio are en-suite meaning no matter what level of gambler you are, you will always experience the luxury of Las Vegas. They also all have floor to ceiling windows. As the name suggests the hotel is themed on the famed Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. The hotel is iconic in the landscape of Las Vegas with its purple and red glass veneer and impressive lights. If you are lucky enough to be a VIP gambler there are even some private villas for you to stay in.


4. Wynn Las Vegas

Yet another casino on the list in Las Vegas. Wynn is one of the biggest names in casinos. The hotel is laid over 45 floors with some of the biggest single suites set across 7,000 square feet. Las Vegas loves combining different venues under one roof. In the Wynn’s case, this includes a convention centre and 76,000 square feet of retail space. The Wynn is an imposing casino in the Sin City and one of the best if you don’t plan ever leaving the building.


3. Wynn Macau

This is another Wynn casino but is on the other side of the world. Macau to be exact. This tiny island off the coast of China is one of the most unique places on Earth with an insane density and culture after hundreds of years under Portuguese rule. The Wynn is one of the first casinos based off an American version in Asia. The impressive building has taken a lot from its Chinese location, while its size means it takes a lot of its guests too!


2. Grand Lisboa Macau

The Grand Lisboa is perhaps the most impressive modern casino in the world. This is a casino with architecture in a league of its own. The huge Chinese ball at its base has an incredible skyscraper erupting out of it and spreading its wings in the sky. It must be seen to be believed. The name is taken from Macau’s unique history with Portugal. Macau only went back into Chinese hands in 1999. It is a casino of firsts in the city-state and has been a trailblazer on the island since its opening in 2006.


1. Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo’s iconic casino is a playground for the rich and famous. You won’t find a comical one arm bandit’s here. Just super rich, oil barons and spies. Unbelievably, Monaco residents aren’t actually allowed inside. The casino is only open to foreigners, with the money of course! The exterior is a beautiful 18th-century build and would make some government headquarters jealous. Lucky then that Monaco’s government is a part owner. The casino is apparently one of the Principality’s biggest source of income. This is the pinnacle of casinos and if you can get in would be a once in a lifetime experience.

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