Weekend Betting Tips | 26/5/2017 | Kell Brook VS Errol Spence

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Brook returns from his loss against Gennady Golovkin with this redemption battle in front of his own fans in Sheffield. The build-up for this match is being touted as a 50/50 which will upset Brook who will be taking part in a 4th world title defence. Why is Brook being placed on the underdog label?

The special one has suffered a crash in confidence after the Golovkin fight. It wasn’t only the loss but the way he lost. His trainer throwing in the towel giving all his opponents a tip-off that A. he is willing to do that and B. he could be protecting a vulnerable fighter with a glass jaw. To be fair to Kell he went up two weight to fight the Kazakh at middleweight. His decision to then move back down to welterweight proved that he thought he made a mistake and that he was shaking from his encounter.

Since that fight he has had to have an operation on a broken eye socket. This could mean apprehension on taking a punch there, although he is certain it went well. “It is as strong as ever. My surgeon said, ‘You can get hit on it, you can do whatever now. You are like terminator now because you have metal in your face so you’re stronger than ever’. But it does go off at the airport. I don’t know if it went last time because I had coins in my pocket or something last time. It’s a titanium plate.”

Spence is younger at 27 and is being heralded as the next big thing. His record is 21-0, 18 KO. He already has some big scalps in his pocket to with Chris Algieri, European Champion Leonard Bundu and Chris Van Heerden. He has been steaming through the division. He had this to say about the fight Kell has a lot of great skills but I welcome the step up, he said. It’s something I’ve been asking for for a long time, and I’m finally getting my opportunity. This is my time, this is my era, this is my time to shine, this is my time to get the belts, this is my time to unify, this is my time to become the undisputed welterweight champion of the world.

Kell Brook may look like the underdog to the press but they are forgetting his multiple overcomings. No one thought he would get past Shawn Porter on foreign turf and he had to come back from the knife attack that could have potentially left him disabled. Instead he fought his way back and got into the ring with one of the best fighters in the world and a heavier man. Kell Brook has shown he is no underdog yet people keep labelling him as one. While Spence is easily his biggest challenge at this weight, if I know Kell Brook it is that others do not! So, if they have Spence to win I will go for Brook. A hard-fought win on points.

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