Weekend Betting Tips | 22/9/2017 | Tories Next Leader

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It has been a turbulent time for Britain and these Brexit negotiations. Things haven’t been made better by the news that Theresa May’s big speech in Florence will not be attended by any EU officials. With the embarrassing news piling up and Grenfell Tower still looming its head around the corner, the questions of May’s hold on the Conservative party and the country has come into question.

As a mainly sports based website Betting Tip Stars don’t often dip their toe into the political game, but with money to be made in every market, we love to get involved in politics and be invested in the outcome.

After a strongly worded essay in the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson has once again popped up in the eyes of bookmakers. His essay was all about his disappointment in Brexit proceedings and thought the UK should exit the EU without a transitional trade deal. Johnson was the main instigator of Brexit and has never let go of his clear desire for leadership. Because of these bookies like Paddy Power have shortened his odds to 8/1.

It is not just Boris Johnson who has been critical of the whole process so far. Tim Martin of Wetherspoons and James Dyson of….well Dyson, have also championed a hard clean break and no the skirting around that the government is doing at the moment. The £350m to the NHS is also starting to surface into the argument again. That will certainly heat up the debate.

Despite Boris Johnson being cut in the odds, David Davis is still the favourite at 9/2. He is leading the negotiations with the EU and despite seemingly getting nowhere his stance and actions are appealing to the conservative’s base. Boris Johnson has a tainted reputation after the Brexit vote and so might not ever be realistically able to lead.

There are others too with Phillip Hammond and Amber Rudd who basically debated as May in the 2017 election are sniffing around the leader like sharks. The most interesting one and best for papers are Jacob Rees-Mogg. He has collected a huge swathe of fans and unlike many of his colleagues has reasonably good ratings with the younger voters. Once he is in front of the cameras through his unashamedly dim view of abortion and women’s rights will probably prevent him from winning over the majority.

So Theresa May fights on but appears to be fighting a losing battle. The sharks are circling and Boris Johnson is once again throwing his hat into the ring. At 8/1 he is well priced but unrealistic in reality David Davis is our tip with Betfair at 9/2.

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