Weekend Betting Tips | 20/10/2017 – USA Formula 1 Grand Prix

formula 1 car betting tips

The Formula 1 heads to ‘Murica’ this year as it vies with NASCAR for top billing in automotive sport. The location for Sunday’s race will be Austin Texas. This will be the 10th different location for the USA Grand Prix.

The state is the home for the hardcore motorheads of America and the big guns of F1 will be hoping that it proves popular in a city like Austin and will drum up interest in the sport, to rival the locals favourites.

The track will put the drivers through the ringer and one of its most unusual elements is the variety of elevation on the track. This will create plenty of blind points for the drivers and the more cautious among them will struggle.

This will play into the hands of Lewis Hamilton who always throws the kitchen sink into his efforts. He has won four of the last five GP’s and will be looking to virtually secure his driver’s championship here.

Sebastien Vettel is his nearest rival but 3 retires this season including one last week means he has dropped to 59points behind his great rival. There are only 100 points left up for grabs. This need to win could see him take more risks than he usually would which could end in tears of glory for the German.

One thing that plays into Hamilton’s hands is the likelihood for rain during the race. The Brit loves it when wet and there is none better in the grid when the slicks come out. He also has form in the states having won four out of five. This would have meant a lot more if the racetracks did not change every time though.

While Lewis could win the title this race if Vettel finishes outside the top six but true to form the German’s efficient has meant that has only happened once this year. It all depends whether he crosses the line.

Out of the rest, it is Max Verstappen that you should keep your eye on. Odds will be good after a win in Malaysia and second place in Japan. His Redbull team will be desperate to get their team back in the headlines but with Hamilton and Vettel going at it this year, in the US he might be squeezed out, eventually finishing third.

Vettel’s enemy last race was a spark plug. If they can sort that out as any good mechanic in Kwik-Fit can sort for you in your high street then he will be ready to win.

Our Prediction

For us though, it is a double whammy of reasons from past wins in the US to his prowess in the wet that means Hamilton win is hard to see past. At 17/20 the odds aren’t enticing with bookmakers.

If you fancy something more interesting to take to the bookies then another fault to make Vettel retire may seem harsh, but the odds will be looking good on your slip.

You can watch the USA Grand Prix live on Sky F1 on Sunday at 20:00 and the qualifying the day before. Keep your eyes peeled for a tough race and a potential Drivers Championship winning one for Lewis Hamilton.

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