Leicester End Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. But Who Will Be Next Manager of the Foxes?

Craig Shakespeare has been sacked by Leicester City after just four months in charge. The former assistant manager was axed after the 1-1 draw against West Bromwich. Shakespeare took over from Premier League hero Claudio Ranieri and with his departure, the end of that era has come to its natural end. Leicester have just 8 points this season and sit in third from bottom. Every week that goes by is another closer to relegation for the Foxes, which is inconceivable for a club who won the league just a season ago. It is being reported that none of the players were warned about the decision and found out with the rest of us.

To try and stop the bleeding the owners will be looking for a replacement. Michael Appleton is set to take over in a caretaker role, but who will be the head honcho to save the former champions. Betting Tip Stars take a look at the most likely candidates and why they could be the people for the job.


The Best Bet

Sam Allardyce 5/1

Big Sam has flirted with retirement many times but we are pretty sure he is still technically looking for a role. First, it seemed like he wouldn’t manage again after the England scandal. Then he left Crystal Palace suddenly hinting at retirement. Well, now he is favourite for the Leicester job. It is ready-made for the Brummie. How many times have you seen big Sam take over a club in this position and end up in a place in the table no one thought of? He should be top of any list and bookies have him as their favourite.


The Poach

Chris Coleman 6/1

Coleman would have seen like a long shot just a year ago but after Wales crashed out of World Cup qualifying his head could be turned more than at any other time. While he might seem like a logical choice, managing a club is a lot different to a country and he does not have the ease of motivation he can conjure at Wales. Saving a team from relegation is all about inspiring confidence and motivating the players you already have. Somehow, I feel Coleman would be the wrong choice for this.


The Foreigner

Carlo Ancelotti 8/1

The Italian may have just been sacked, but let’s not forget that it was from Bayern Munich and Ancelotti has a wealth of experience that out ways any pressure from a club like Bayern. Leicester have had an Italian before and it seemed to work well! Ancelotti has Premier League experience too with a stint at Chelsea. One of the things to come out of that tenure was how much the players loved him. If you are going to sack a manager and hire a new one then the one thing you need is the players to quickly believe in the new manager. Carlo will give Leicester that.


Long Term Choice

Alan Pardew 14/1

Pardew has been without a job for a year, but he is a manager with years of experience managing clubs in the Premier League. He might be a good choice if Leicester is looking past this season and into the future. Obviously, the priority is getting out of trouble at the bottom of the table. Pardew is a man who knows the Premier League and English football inside and out. Over the succeeding years, Leicester has lost that English contingent that made it what it is. A manager who can teach the continental newcomers how to play in England could be a vital skill.


The Outside Bet

Roberto Mancini

This is a longshot or so many reasons. One he is already in a job as manager of Russian giants Zenit St Petersburg. The other is his lack of experience with clubs in this kind of position. He has been blessed with clubs to manage at the top of their leagues and Leicester will need more than a manager who has only bought players for more than £20m. Having said that Roberto Mancini has that Italian link that has been so successful in the past. He also has a connection with the club and is a fans favourite from the past. You must get your fans on side when trying to stave off relegation and Mancini will give the team huge support over others. It might just be a pipedream though.

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