England v Germany Rivalry – [Infographic]

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England goes up against ‘ze Germans’ on Friday in an International friendly. While a game like this against San Marino might be a lacklustre affair, Wembley will definitely be packed for this fixture. The rivalry is as old as time, so we at Betting Tips Stars thought we would take time off trawling the world of sport for winners and share a short but sweet infographic about the matchups between the two nations.

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The Truth About The Rivalry

The rivalry between England and Germany is an unusual one, in that it is kind of one-sided, weighted towards England, and no one appears to have told Germany it exists. The rivalry is of course based a lot in history a well as footballing reasons. Whether it is the connection to the Royal family, then the war (I told myself I would not mention it!) and then the football, head to heads between these two a rightfully watched closely.

England, of course, won the World Cup against Germany in 1966. While in England this lives long in the memory, Germany has won four World Cups and therefore it is just one of many opportunities missed. As you can see in the infographic they have been in 14 international tournaments to England’s 1.

England also places a lot of emphasis on historical and political differences stemming from the war. But we weren’t the only country to face the Germans and therefore it is no surprise Germany are used to this kind of animosity from many nations. They have also put a lot of effort into putting the past behind them, so place little weight on thoughts of times gone by.

Germany geographically has always seen their great rivals as the Netherlands. There are many reasons for this but perhaps the best comparison is that between England and Scotland and the issues involved in that fixture. Unlike that game though, Holland is much more competitive, which makes any fixture a mouth-watering affair.

In footballing terms, Germany pitches themselves up against Italy as traditional rivals on the pitch. The two countries have many glories and trophies and often find themselves playing into the later stages of tournaments. About the same time as England are on their way home from a 0-0 with Algeria. This fixture is one of the biggest in Europe, if not the World, so it is understandable that the Germans would focus on this over England.

So, where does that put England on the list of German rivals? Probably third, but then we haven’t even started on Austria or Denmark, so maybe even further down?

The truth is that if England don’t start performing on the pitch and proving a true danger to Germany ,they are likely to see us as just as another hurdle on their way to another trophy, rather than anything more emotional. England will, of course, be viewing things differently. No matter what country you are from, if you have ever lived in England then you will know that this will be a big game, even if it is just for one of the nations. The poor German players still have to face it!


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