The Bidding War for Premier League TV Rights Starts Again

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It seems that the time for TV rights to the Premier League. These deals are what the paper will forever refer to as TV money when discussing Premier League transfer budgets and parachute payments. Currently, they are worth £5.14bn and are broken up and given to the individual teams In the league. The deal is currently owned by Sky who have five packages of games and BT Sport who have 2. This translates as 168 live matches per season.

The sale of TV rights is done in three-year cycles and this new rounds of talks are for the games during the 2019 to 2022 seasons. On top of the likelihood of even more money, there will also be more live games sold. Now up to 200 out of the 380 matches.

Thee are rules when it comes to who can buy the packages and no single provider can have them all. This obviously stops them having a monopoly and allowing a much wider array of audiences.

Meanwhile, in other changes, there will be three complete rounds of 10-midweek matches shown live, plus one set of Bank Holiday games, as well as eight individual games being shown on a Saturday night.

This notion that other providers have to be allowed and the advent of new streaming companies means this round of talks makes it one of the most interesting ever. The rumours are flying that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon could open up their catalogues to include live sport. It is not as crazy as you think with Twitter showing NFL games in the past.

The system of buying rights and the organised packages takes place in January and the announcement is due in February. The fact it is a closed bid might make some of the money in question eye-watering. To beat away the new competition Sky and BT Sport will have to lay down big bids.

Netflix and Amazon are no easy pushovers shelling out huge money for big brands already. The Grand Tour on Amazon was touted as offering huge sums for each episode. They also recently paid billions just for the rights to a Lord of the Rings show. This is before probably expensive production costs.

Sport is content that makes itself and with very low production costs the rights to stream it could attract this new wave of media. One thing that worries us a Betting Tip Stars that if the Premier League continues to sell off its matches as a TV event then it won’t be long till the whole league is televising. The ease at which fans will be able to watch their teams might kill off the very thing that makes English football so atmospheric. The live fans. If you can watch your team on TV anytime anywhere then the incentive to go to a game might become void.

At the same time, the amount of money that clubs will be receiving to show the matches might make them inclined to heavily reduce the cost of tickets to get fans through the doors.

Either way, it will be incredibly important to pay attention to this dry business news story because the results of the bidding shape the very sports we love, both on and off the field.

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