The Best Pub Sports Ever

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In the UK, god knows how many hours are spent in a pub. Despite so many closures, it is still a great place to meet friends for a drink and they often use live sports to get everyone through the door. Not much beats watching a live match with friends with a bar just a few steps away.

Years before the advent of SKY pubs had to entertain their punters in other ways and unique small games became massively popular. These indoor games are always in a debate about whether they are truly sports but with some earning the players millions of pounds there is no doubt that for those who love pub sports it is just as important as the more mainstream sports. Sports betting has taken them under their wing too. We offer free betting tips on many of them. These are some of the biggest to come out of the humble pub.


Perhaps the biggest pub sport in the world the humble game of darts has come a long way from a means to entertain drinkers. It has slowly shaken off its pub heritage with tournaments with prize money of millions.

It maintains a strong pub culture though with its fans. The biggest tournaments like the World Championships over Christmas is the hottest tickets in town in London during the festive period. Rows of punters drink and get merry with their friends while watching the men at the ocky trying to hit 180’s to please them.

The game requires incredible hand-eye coordination and precision skills. This does not make it a great game to drink to. The sport did start with many players still drinking while playing but with the professional side of the game and money comes the professionalism of the players.

The old stereotype of an overweight alcoholic is slowly leaving the sport and players are taking training more seriously. While they play upon the worlds biggest stages the sport is just as popular as ever in the pub. The big difference is there is now a pathway out of the pub and onto the back pages.


Depending on the establishment you drink in you might get a different selection of games involving a table and balls. Collectively known as billiards these games have proven popular time and time again with pub punters.

Pool is more popular over the pond in America but the English version of the game can be found in thousands of pubs across the country. Players love the ease of playing, no physical excursion and when it is not your go the breaks make a perfect gap between sips of your chosen beverage.

Snooker is seen as more of a gentleman’s game having been played by the upper class and military in officers messes. Nowadays thanks to Barry Hearn and Matchroom Sports it has become a lucrative sport played all over the world from dark clubs in England to China where it is growing in popularity.

Players like Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump started out in the clubs and pub basements and have gone on to become millionaires through this humble game.

Bat and Trap

An odd inclusion but the Bat and Trap game is one of the most ancient in British pubs. Played outside it is a bat and ball game where one doesn’t have to ever let go of their drink. A mechanical trap will throw a ball in the air before a one-handed bat is used to strike it.

The pub garden is like a mini cricket pitch where points are scored for where the ball is struck. Much rarer than it used to be in the country bat and trap will be hoping that it can break free of its old-fashioned image and make it into the echelons of Darts and Snooker.

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